Can I hire your props?

I have been collecting props and serving ware (and using them to create daring, multistorey balancing feats in cupboards and sideboards) for many years. I make these items available to clients who engage me to style their events so unfortunately I do not offer a hire service for private hirers. If you let me know what you are after I might be able to point you in the direction of some other creative types who do hire their wonderful wares. Or, hire me! It might cost less than you think.

What is your style?

This is a tricky one because I can’t choose a favourite colour or a favourite flower or favourite season – they all have their own beauty and unique qualities depending on the context. That said I am not winter person!

To someone who is passionate about good design there is no limitation to the style that appeals to them or that they create. Sure there are some signature looks that stylists have but a good stylist is mercurial and takes their cues from their client’s tastes and story, the location and context. I am inspired by interior design, artwork, nature, craftsmanship, architecture, films, floor tiles – you name it, I’m bound to find inspiration in it. I love vintage silver platters as much as I love minimal modern trends. Rodin and Lloyd Wright. Each has its place.

Stop being evasive and answer the question.

Fine. 50 words or less.

Creative, modern designs layered with classic romantic touches, rich in thoughtful details, timeless and always in good taste. Sometimes adventurous and a little bit rad, sometimes playful or pretty, often downright elegant. Always striking and memorable, in a good way.

That’s 40 words. Imagine how good I am with a budget!!

Please don’t ask me to lace mason jar or lycra chair/ table cover. I just can’t. Ever. And if it’s a kid’s party I don’t do Disney or cartoon characters. I am Frozen-ed out. If this what you are after I am not your girl.

Other than that, nope. I dye fabrics, spray paint, build, paper machè, trawl scrap yards and Gumtree for that elusive find and generally get my hands dirty. Whatever it takes to achieve the perfect look. I am up ladders, using tools, potting plants, dusting, sweeping, hot glue gunning at 2am, collecting hire items doing everything and anything to make it the best day ever for you.

I am a big believer in not wearing too many hats and for this reason I am not a slashie and do not offer styling / floristry, styling/ hire, styling/ lighting or styling / any other hat. I am not an electrician, I have not trained for years as a florist working my way up and while I'm pretty great at baking I am not a cake decorator. But I am awesome at styling and I would rather do one thing executed brilliantly, point you in the direction of talented experts in their fields and offer creative direction in collaboration than offer you a one stop shop for a mediocre event. 

Is there anything you won't do?

Nope. Love a good road trip and driving soundtrack so if your event is further afield I am happy to travel. I am in the Great Southern on a semi regular basis but am happy to travel in any direction. Please note additional costs may apply.

Do you only work in Perth?

Sure do. Included in my styling fee or if you are just after a grazing table and don’t want the whole shebang send me a line and we can talk details.

Do you do grazing tables?

Not as far as I am aware! I only suggest the vendors whose expertise and unique skills and abilities will best achieve your vision. I spend a lot of time keeping up to date with the recent antics and inventories of industry professionals so base my opinions on their body of work and nothing else. I’m not interested in cliques or back scratching. Not my style. However if an industry discount is offered by a vendor I pay that forward in full to you.

Do you get a kickback from recommending certain vendors?

People who say this usually think they are going to enlist an army of helpers on the day to get it done. And I think those people are funny because if they only knew what stylists actually do they would NEVER contemplate asking family and friends to be responsible for executing their vision.

For a lot of stylists the day after an event feels like you have been hit by a semitrailer. You have hauled furniture, climbed ladders or trees or both, been onsite since 5 or 6am and on your feet until 2 or 3am the next day, probably not stopped to stretch your back or drink those 2 litres of water. You’re grimy and hot and possibly sunburnt. There is a reason I don’t have manicures and event styling is it. Now to ask family and friends to do that in their best clothes is a BIG ask. But if anyone was injured, the lasting memory of your event is going to be an after hours GP or A&E room instead of the significant occasion. Add to that your disappointment when your aunt/ cousin/ friend etc. has not executed your vision quite right and looking at those long awaited photos will be bittersweet and you will see everything you wished had been done differently. If you are design savvy and are passionate about details, all the more reason to hire a stylist to get it right for you. 

I’m pretty design savvy and thinking of doing this myself…