So who is this person you are trusting with possibly the biggest party you will ever throw?

I am Zoë, head stylist and perfectionist. West coast born and bred with a love of the ocean and summer nights.

For me styling is like a sense of tension that can only be resolved with the right design, right prop placement, right colours etc. When it all comes together harmony is created and I am at peace, or rather doing a fist pump quietly to myself. I live for the satisfaction of making things look their best. When I close my eyes my mind just keeps turning, creating new design concepts and details. I literally dream about designs and flowers.

I dabbled between the creative industries over the years, studying bits and pieces here and there of architecture, interior design, visual merchandising etc. I acted as operations manager for a group of art galleries and graduated with two qualifications in event management. I have always been most comfortable in the background orchestrating the scenery and surroundings for people to “be” in. I am an introvert who masquerades as an extrovert but I am truly happiest in the background observing and taking in details rather than up front in the limelight.

What else? I am honest to a fault. If something doesn’t work I will tell you (or the vendor) and find another solution. I wear my heart on my sleeve and would genuinely be crushed if my efforts fell short of your expectations.

When I am not styling events I am having circles run round me by my two tiny tornado (but fiercely loving) daughters, cooking up a storm from Gourmet Traveller, reading, reading, reading, being an amateur landscape designer, sharing Sea Shepherd and Cat Haven posts on Facebook and visiting the beach. I am always making something and feel restless when I don’t have a project underway.